Saturday, July 11, 2009

"I have no idea..."

The phrase that would sum up the first two days of BOLC was "I have no idea." In the midst of moving in, signing papers, getting dental x-rays, and solidifying the student chain of command it was hard to really know what was going on and what was coming next. We did have a training schedule but it took awhile to find (amazing since it was posted right next to my door). By Thursday though, the platoon had found its rhythm and was on track.
In terms of training, Tuesday was a brutal day of sitting in a big room getting briefing after briefing. The presentations by the BN Commander and BDE Commander and their CSMs were interesting and motivational but many of the other classes (ethics, sexual harassment, and law of war) were rough to sit through as the room grew increasingly hotter and we (the USMA LTs) had had these classes numerous times at West Point, but I guess a refresher doesn't hurt.

Other LTs and myself during a break between Tuesday's briefs. Photo by 2LT Ashley Rowland

Wednesday was more briefings as well as a Commo class.
Thursday was an early morning, beginning at 0430 with an APFT. The APFT is the Army Physical Fitness Test and consists of three events: 2 min of push ups, 2 min of sit ups, and a two mile run. The test is scored on a scale of 300, although those who "super-max" can be scored on an extended scale that goes up to 500. I scored a 276 overall, with the run once again being my weakest event. Oh well, plenty of time to get my time down prior to heading to IOBC. The rest of the day was nice and relaxed with a quick visit to the dental clinic and cleaning our rooms.
Friday began our intoduction into BRM with two classes covering the operation of the M4 Rifle (taking it apart and what each part does) and different shooting positions. While these were all things I knew prior, the refresher was good since the last time I shot was way back in October of '08 during the CATC Shooting Course. We also learned about our M68 CCO (Close Combat Optic) and how to sight it properly. The day ended with the standard safety brief.
Dinner that night was an event in of itself. Instead of heading to the chow hall, Mike Tax, his roommate Angelo, and myself set out for The Old Plantation Inn. This place defined being in the middle of nowhere. After driving 20 scenic minutes, to include having to go through a wildlife refuge complete with free roaming long horns and bison and going over a wooden one lane bridge, we found this place. It's not Peter Luger's, but the rib eye and sweet potato fries may be some of the best I have ever had and the prices were dirt cheap. Needless to say, this place will be visited every Friday and we decided our last trip there before we leave, we would all try to eat the 40 oz. sirloin.
As for today, not much going on. Worked out using a Crossfit WOD and then gave my car a much needed bath. After over 1500 miles the car was replete with a plethora of dead bug species on my windshield and other parts of my car. Its now time to head to wal-mart for some more water and gatorade and get some lunch in the bustling metropolis of Lawton. Next week is range week, which should be intresting since the mean temperature this week was 103 degrees.

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  1. Oh man this seems like the worst training ever. I heard that They are canceling this school. Is that true?