Monday, July 6, 2009

Hello From Fort Sill

Hello all from Fort Sill, OK. The trip down was an expirience to say the least. I started out June 26th from my home in Bayside, NY and made a few stops along the way. First was a stop in Philadelphia for my friend John Kearby's wedding. The wedding was a great time and i was able to see my best friends and fellow Frogs from the USMA. After that was a quick stop in Maryland before heading down to Fort Bragg to link up with my friend Adam, who also is going to BOLC II at Fort Sill.From there we made stops in Georgia and Arkansas prior to arrivng in Oklahoma City. All told, I traveled through 13 states.
Adam, myself, and another classmate, Mike Tax, spebt the 4th of July in OK City. It wasnt the best weather as we encountered severe thunderstorms on and off through the night. Downtown OK City isn't exactly a great place to hang out as it is filled with tourist trap bars and clubs (ie: Coyote Ugly). But the company was good and we found some places to go for food and to celebrate America's birthday.
We checked in yesterday to Bravo Company and met our student leadership.Following that, we got our rooms, moved in, unpacked and began wandering around making new friends. BOLC II Students range from West Pointers to ROTC grads to OCS grads which include former NCOs and college grads who did not go through either the USMA or ROTC. This morning started at 0630 and consisted of moving tables and setting up for inprocessing.I just finished my inprocessing which consisted of a bunch of paperwork, shots, and blood draw. Now its time to sit around until lunch and who knows what after that.
So that's it so far. Still no roomates here but two should be arriving soon (I live in a 3man room). More will be posted at the end of the week and I will be posting at a minimumonce every week, probably on a Friday night or Saturday.

WHAT IS BOLC II? The Basic Officer Leadership Course II is a school put together due to the recognition that the GWOT has no true "front lines"and that every Soldier needs to be a rifleman first. As a result, this course is now a must for all new 2nd Lieutenants. Because of this, the class is diversifed with both male and female LTs and all branches are represented from the Infantry to the Finance Corps. The course is about 7 weeks long and focuses on basic soldier tasks such as land navigation, marksmanship,and convoy operations as well as officer tasks such as Operations Orders production and Troop Leading Procedures.

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